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Kez Brown's EA Sports FIFA top tips part II

Kieran ‘Kez’ Brown brings City fans the second instalment of his EA SPORTS FIFA master class.

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Find the best way to attack

Each edition of FIFA has certain skills which are more overpowered than others. For example, on FIFA 15 headers were a much more common way of scoring, whereas on FIFA 16 I’ve not had as much success working the channels and trying to score from crosses. Instead, I’ve found playing the ball into the box and using finesse shot to finish has been a much better way of attacking.

Patient defending

Understandably a lot players try to win the ball back as quickly as possible, but it pays to be patient. Try and predict where the opposition are going to pass and keep your players in position as best you can. This should force your opponent into making mistakes rather than you. Obviously, it won’t work all the time, but this is usually a better option than diving into a challenge and getting caught out of position.

Perfect set pieces

Winning a free kick on FIFA 16 is almost the same as having a penalty. Instead of shooting – which occasionally works – try mixing it up and call a second or third man to make runs. Play it short and with so many players making runs goal scoring chances should appear.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for this and once you familiarise yourself with different free kick tactics, you will find yourself scoring more frequently.

With corners, instead of sending the ball into the box, I’ve had more success from playing it short or to the man on the edge of the box and creating a chance from that.

Use your substitutes

This may sound obvious, but many players don’t make any changes and in the second half their attackers have very little fitness left, meaning they are much slower and easier to defend against.

Learn from other people’s styles

If you’re up against a good player they may do something you’ve never seen before and then you can use it in your own game. That’s why it’s important to constantly be playing against good players – you’ll get better.

The best causal players will be in Division One, but if you’re regularly winning that and want to see how you could do at a competitive level, then consider signing up to sites such as gfinity. You’ll be able to test yourself against some of the best FIFA players in the world and see how you match up against them.

To see Kez in FIFA action, check out his YouTube channel.